Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Two people very special to me sent me this...I have never met them in person, but I feel like they are just as special as if we had know each other all our lives...Thank you friends!!!!  I love you guys and am so happy God put you in my life...I hope we get to create many wonderful memories together in the years ahead.

I heard this morning that the girl who was in the accident with my best friend and her daughter will get to come home today.  I am going to take them dinner tonight.  Praise God!!!

Beth's daughter will have an 8 hour surgery tomorrow, during her mom's funeral.  She is still sedated and hasn't been told yet of her mother's passing.  Please, please be prayerful for this sweet girl and her family.  They need all the prayers and love we can offer them.

Monday we had our vigil for Beth...I prepared the slideshow, made ribbons and even got to speak on our troops behalf about our beloved friend.  I don't know how I did it, it was so hard, but I know I did my best and I was so honored to be able to speak about my friend.

After the vigil, another mom and I were approached by two women from our Girl Scout Council BOD (Board of Directors).  Before Beth died, she had been working on a trip we were taking to the birth place of the GS founder, Juliette Lowe, in Savannah GA...well, we decided, as a troop, to honor Beth, we will still be going to Savannah...well, these two women said they want to help us get there...they are going to request funding from the Council for our trip...Isn't that amazing?  What a blessing!!!

Each day is getting better. Each moment is still different.  There are true blessings during this storm...true friends...true is so truly precious!

My friend had this saying stenciled on her wall in her kitchen:  Live, Laugh, Love!!!!  I am going to choose to live by her motto.  I can't think of a better way to even further honor my friend.

There is much to be done for this family over the span of life, but I am thanking God that he chose me to be here for this amazing family.  I am thanking Him for trusting me with her love, her friendship and her family.  I will do my best to give back to them all the love she gave to me.  I am so grateful to have had someone like her as long as I did....I bet many people go a lifetime without having someone as special as her in their life.

So, Live, Laugh and Love...every day!!!


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