Wednesday, March 3, 2010

LOSTapalooza - 3/3/10


It's Wednesday...which means today is LOSTapalooza!  Yes, today is the day we all try to make sense of the most recent episode of LOST and how it ties in to the bigger picture.  So, if you are interested, and I know you are, join us over at Robin's blog for a sure way to 'get LOST!'

I think we are really starting to see the final take of Good Vs Evil...and hey, it seems like Sayid was just destined to be both parallels!  They did explain what the 'tests' were about, but I don't think I really needed that answered...I kind of got that already.

What I am interested in knowing is who will end up on which side and which side is really good and evil...I mean, it makes sense that Locke's camp is 'evil' but, I am so not ready to be fooled by such far, it seems like this is how it will turn out (and yeah, I agree with you Robin, "Jacob's" people certainly didn't hesitate to leave, did they?):

'Locke's' side = Claire, Sayid, Sawyer?? (no, he wasn't on last night's episode, but I do think he was recruited, right?) and maybe Kate (although, I don't think she will follow them)

Jacob's side = Jack, Hurley, Llana, Sun, Lapidus and maybe Kate (I think she will look for Jack)

So, where did Jin go?  I mean, is he still at Claire's...he wasn't in the 'Locke's' group!!! 

Can I just say, I was so happy to see Keamy get killed...again!  That guy is a jerk!!!!


Ok, here are the questions this week:

1. In the beginning, the Survivors all took on jobs. Some hunted, some sewed up bullet wounds, some built rescue boats. If you were one of the Survivors, what would your contribution have been?

I would be a cultivator...yup, I recently learned how to grow my own veggies!!!...or, I mean, if anyone needs an accountant, I can do that, too!!!!

2. If you were deserted on an island, what five things would you want with you?

Ummm, my family (if that counts as one), seeds (you know, to grow stuff), weapons (you know, to kill stuff), something to use to start a fire and a laptop with wireless access, so I can BLOG!!!!  Hahaha!

3. What's your favorite movie that takes place on an island?

Oh, well, I have always loved the Brooke Shields movie "The Blue Lagoon"...that, and Madagascar!  ;)


Ok, so head over to Robin's Blog to link up and join in on the LOST-crazed fun!!!!

Finally, for those of you who have not watched LOST, you are really missing THE BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!  So, I suggest that you start from 'square 1' and rent the first season of LOST on NetFlix and get caugh up...hey, who knows, if you start watching now, you might be all caught up by the series finale!

Happy Wednesday!

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