Friday, March 12, 2010

In Case You Missed It...

Yup, today is Friday, which means I just got home from a looong (but wonderful) day away at the office. 

Since I didn't get around to doing a post today, I figured I would be a slacker and just post the same post I wrote for my guest spot on Ian's Blog know, just in case you missed it.

So, here is my guest post...


The Story Behind a True Fan

I am sure most of you have birth stories of your own you like to tell…most of which are probably stories of how your own children were born.

Me, I like to tell me own birth story (narcissistic any?)…it is a story that contains deep ties to a life long commitment of trust, loyalty, and undying love.

Here it is…in a very big nutshell…

It was September 1979…my mother was 2 weeks over due with her second child, me.

Miserable, hugely overweight, swollen, and, more than likely in her worst mood ever, my mother decided, being the avid ‘Skins fan she is, to spend her Sunday afternoon watching the Redskins first season game versus the Houston Oilers.

Obviously, I don’t recall exactly how the game went (after all, I wasn’t even born yet), but I know the Redskins were leading by a point or two in the last few minutes of the game….apparently, Houston scored a last minute field goal to take the lead.

In that moment, my mother jumped up out of anger and disappointment. When she hit the ground on her way back down her water broke…I was born the next day, following the Redskins first loss of the season.

Now, without going into too much detail, let’s just say my mother isn’t the ‘most pleasant person’ to be around…So, along with a lifetime of traditions, there is one thing Redskin’s losses have done for me…I credit this particular ‘Skins loss with getting me ‘the hell up out my mamma!” So, I don’t mind them losing…consistently…or, that they haven’t led their division since my first child was born, in 1999. That’s all OK…and I still consider myself a true fan.

With that, you have the realest, most genuine reasoning behind being a true, die hard Redskins fan…win or lose (preferably lose)!


Well, hope you enjoyed it...if you hadn't already!

Until tomorrow...for now, to bed!  ;)

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