Tuesday, March 16, 2010

For Me?...Aw, You're Too Sweet!

So, this is kind of an update and then a dual thanks!

My van is in the shop...I spent most of yesterday running around trying to get it dropped off, and then back home again...$1200 worth of repairs and it should be ready for pick up later today.  I will say, even the mechanic was impressed that I have 200K miles on my van and almost ALL original parts still on it....not too bad, is it?  I must say, I definitely got my $$'s worth out of my 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan...and she's still tickin'!

On to the true meaning of this post...  

I kind of stole an award and promised to accept it from Taiya's Blog (well, she was telling people to take it, so is that really stealing?)...then, Sam, almost a week later, gave me this award (no, I didn't steal this one...she gave it to me).

Thanks Ladies...I think both of you ROCK!!!!  

The rules for accepting this award are:

- List 10 things that make your day (check!)

- Nominate other blogs worthy of this award (check!)

  1. I love waking up in the morning, getting the girls up and laying in the bed with Jr while he has a bottle...that is about the only time of the day that he is so loving.
  2. I love the smell and taste of coffee in the morning (well, I like the taste as long as it has cream and sugar added)
  3. I love my new N-IRL (Not In Real Life) friends.
  4. I love rainy days.
  5. I love the sounds of birds chirping.
  6. I love Tuesdays (yes today) because a new episode of LOST is coming on.
  7. I love that I have a wonderful family that I know is here for me any day I need them to be, and I enjoy being able to be there for them, too.
  8. I love my job and that I can work from home.
  9. I love right now!  Today!  This moment!  For in this moment, I exist!
  10. I love God...for through Him all these blessings are possible in my life!
And, without further adieu, here are some fellow bloggers, and friends, I would like to give this award to:
And, I would also like any of my readers to grab this button yourself if you don't already have it!  

Take it, put it on your blog and return the love to your favorite bloggers...

Happy LOST-day Everyone!

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