Wednesday, March 17, 2010

LOSTapalooza - 3/17/10

Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone!  

Indeed, I do have a bit of Irish in me, just enough to celebrate, but not enough to have any real 'luck.'

However, I do feel like the luckiest girl alive after last night's new episode of LOST.  I mean, wasn't it just awesome?  And, you know what time it is...Time for LOSTapalooza!  Our time to sit back reflect and try to guess what is going on.  This fun fest is hosted by Robin...head on over to her place to join in on the fun!!!

Oh, and one final thing before I move on to my post, I just have to quote my favorite LOST line of all time, and it is from last night's episode:  "Well, Kate, no one's perfect."  I mean, you can't get better than that, can you?


Sawyer...Sawyer....I don't know what to think...I mean, you're a cop?!?!?!?  I won't go into too much on this, but aren't detectives con mans in their own way?  So, I mean, even though he is a cop, he is still a con man!  Some things never change....but, I was a little shocked and really didn't see it coming.

I am sorry, but Smokey aka Locke is manipulative (Robin, we will have to agree to disagree on this one)...and, did you see him slap the sh*t out of Claire?  Really, it is his fault she is crazy...he is the one who manipulated her to begin with...I know, yes, he admitted that, but still, he hit her pretty darn hard!

Kate, I still <3 you!  You still rock!!!

Oh, and so I know we are a little confused about who the 6 candidates are...well, I think one of them may be Ben Linus or Charles, it's Sawyer, Sayid, Kwon (sun or Jin or both), Hurley, Jack and either Ben or Charles...unless, Locke, as Smokey, is still one of them...but, I don't think so.

Oh, and my last note before I get into the questions...I really think, in the flash sideways, they KNOW!!!  Yes, I think they know what is going on...I think when they left the island, they got flashed to the different universe back to the time of 815...however, I think there is some or all of the residual memory from the last 3 years...I don't think they are ignorant to what is going on...Basically, they get off the island, they know they will be in a different world, and they remember each other, but are aware the world, and that their roles in it, have changed.

I guess we'll have to wait and see, won't we?

Ok, here are this weeks questions:

1. We've talked about our favorite characters. Were there any characters ever that you really didn't like? 

I never liked John Locke's father...he, from the first time we saw him, rubbed me the wrong way....he was like, the meanest character in the history of LOST...I mean, I like Smokey better than him.

2. Who's your favorite couple from any season?

Oh, by far it is Rose and Bernard...and no, not because they are an interracial couple, but because of the love they have for each other...I really think they will play a bigger role in all of least I hope they do.  

3. Which candidate would you like to see become the "new Jacob"?

Um, duh, I wish it could be Kate, but since it can't be, I will have to say Jack...I guess...I mean, I am kind of going with my gut here...I don't think there will be a new Jacob...I think the island is going to end up under we saw at the beginning of this episode.


And, there you have it folks!  Head on over to Robin's Blog to grab the questions and link up!

Happy Wednesday!

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