Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Graduation, Baby!!!!

Today is a BIG first baby is graduating from 5th grade today!  Woohoo!!!!

I am so excited for for me, yeah, I feel a little (ok,a LOT) old today!

We went out yesterday to buy her a new dress/shoes for the BIG day!  I also let her pick out her own graduation present.  She chose a beautiful set of pearl jewelry (thank goodness it was on sale for 40% off...gotta love good old JCPenney) that matched her dress.

I think she looked like a princess this morning...and I am pretty sure she felt like one, too.

Here's to many more graduations in our future!

Way to go baby!!!  Mommy is SOOOOO proud of you!!!!


Monday, June 14, 2010

Buckle Up...

I don't have much time to write this, but I wanted to write this right away.

This morning I found out that a 17 year old local girl died yesterday in a car accident.  From what the reports said, the girl's father was driving his vehicle when he swerved right, then over-corrected, then rolled.  The girl was ejected from the vehicle and she died at the scene.  Reports also note the girl was not wearing a seat belt.

This is all too familiar in our community.

I have to admit something...I have admitted it before to people, but haven't yet on my blog.

Beth never wore her seatbelt.  She always said, "I'm too fat to wear my seatbelt."    She wasn't wearing one the night of her accident.

She only rode with me a few times, but each time she did I would say something to her about it....but, there isn't a part of me that feels like I pushed her enough to wear her seatbelt.  Since she has been gone, I have had an overwhelming sense of wanting to start a campaign in our community to promote the consistent use of seat belts.

I will not say that had Beth been wearing her seatbelt that she wouldn't have died...I know seat belts don't ALWAYS work...but, I still can't help but wonder, had she been wearing it, would she have lived.

What I will say, is that now, knowing our community has lost a child (yes, a 17 year old child) to another auto accident where seat belts weren't in use, I feel the need to start this campaign more than ever.

My heart goes out to the father who just lost his daughter...I will be praying for him and his entire family as they mourn this loss.  I will pray that he doesn't live in constant guilt and blame.  I will pray that he has comfort and that he knows his daughter is in the BEST hands she could possibly be in.

For all of those reading this, please please err on the side of caution...choose to protect your life as best as you can when you get in a car.

Just, Buckle up...if not for yourself, then for Beth and for this child and their families...and for your own family.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Facebook...and another LONG post!

So, a few weeks ago my friend Shawnee asked me to look at some pictures of hers on Facebook.

After years of going against the societal grain of joining such a social network, I caved (Thanks Shawnee)...well, if you don't know already, when I moved to the country I moved from my hometown and left an 'old' life behind me.  There was so much stuff I wanted to leave behind and not have to subject my children know, that fast paced, suburban world that can open you up to too much at a young age.  So, I sold the townhouse and bought a nice little house in the country.

I love it here...really...and since I have been here, I haven't had much of any knowledge of a prior life (except for family, of course).

However, the other day on Facebook, I got a friend request.  It was from Victoria's Dad...nothing big there...I am already friend's with his wife (who is an awesome lady expecting their second child in a few months).  I accepted his request...but, then, about 10 minutes later, I got a message.  It was from a guy that was/is a good friend of his.  Well, to put it nicely, this friend of his and I didn't get along too well towards the end of our relationship...and, well, he asked me if I still "hated' him...LOL!  *For the record, no, I don't hate him, or ANYONE, for that matter...hate is such a vile thing to carry with you through life, and I REFUSE to have any of it!  Although, I do really hate liver and sauerkraut!!*

Then, not even 15 minute after I responded to him, I got another friend request...from a guy who dated my ex best MIDDLE SCHOOL.  Well, I mean, I have known him for a long time, but still...HOW THE HECK did all this come about in a matter of 20 minutes?

So much for being incognito in a Facebook world!!!


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