Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Facebook...and another LONG post!

So, a few weeks ago my friend Shawnee asked me to look at some pictures of hers on Facebook.

After years of going against the societal grain of joining such a social network, I caved (Thanks Shawnee)...well, if you don't know already, when I moved to the country I moved from my hometown and left an 'old' life behind me.  There was so much stuff I wanted to leave behind and not have to subject my children know, that fast paced, suburban world that can open you up to too much at a young age.  So, I sold the townhouse and bought a nice little house in the country.

I love it here...really...and since I have been here, I haven't had much of any knowledge of a prior life (except for family, of course).

However, the other day on Facebook, I got a friend request.  It was from Victoria's Dad...nothing big there...I am already friend's with his wife (who is an awesome lady expecting their second child in a few months).  I accepted his request...but, then, about 10 minutes later, I got a message.  It was from a guy that was/is a good friend of his.  Well, to put it nicely, this friend of his and I didn't get along too well towards the end of our relationship...and, well, he asked me if I still "hated' him...LOL!  *For the record, no, I don't hate him, or ANYONE, for that matter...hate is such a vile thing to carry with you through life, and I REFUSE to have any of it!  Although, I do really hate liver and sauerkraut!!*

Then, not even 15 minute after I responded to him, I got another friend request...from a guy who dated my ex best MIDDLE SCHOOL.  Well, I mean, I have known him for a long time, but still...HOW THE HECK did all this come about in a matter of 20 minutes?

So much for being incognito in a Facebook world!!!

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