Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tag, You're It!

So, I got tagged a few days ago...I think on Thursday, but I am really not sure.  If this goes to show how slow I am, not only did I get tagged twice (once by Robin and once by Keely) but I am also just now getting this done (in my defense, my baby girl turned 5 on Thurday and I was in the office all day yesterday).

Ok, so here I 'untag' myself, I have to first tell where I think my life will be in 10 years AND tag 10 other people to play along...


I wrote this when I received my "You're Going Places" award from, I have just copied and pasted it here:

In 10 years, my oldest will be approaching her junior year of COLLEGE!!! We will probably be sending in her application to MY JOB so she can study abroad (yes, I work for a non-profit organization that promotes diversity through college study abroad programs and SO FAR, both of my daughters have expressed an interest in studying abroad...yeah!)...Eva will be getting ready to go to high school (I can only imagine)...Jr will be getting ready for 5th grade! WOW!

As for me, I hope to be someone who raises most of her own meats...someone who grows, harvests and cans her own veggies...and someone who raises chickens to lay her own eggs. YES!!!! I want to be more self sufficient in life...I want to cut out processed, store bought foods as much as I can...I want to be more like my Grandma, my uncles and my aunt...THEY are so inspiring and I can't wait to watch my Nana can her tomatoes this summer!


I am now tagging the following consider yourself tagged!

  1. Sam @ Life is Beautiful
  2. Chasity @ Better Known As Mommy
  3. Elizabeth @ Confessions from a working Mom
  4. Ian @ You know who you are!!! (I realize you already did it, but I did say I was going to tag you, so I am)
  5. Laura @ Blogging from Bolivia
  6. Lisa @ Roerdink Ramblings
  7. Kylee @ In My Life
  8. Melissa @ Marsh Family Blogs
  9. Elizabeth @ King J's Queen
  10. SIF @ SIF ;)
So, each of you have to now do the same thing (well, you don't have to, but feel free to join in on the fun)...

We are off to sell more Girl Scout Cookies!  Yeahhhh!  Oh, and we have already sold enough cookies to make our goal!

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