Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I have entered a giveaway at Robin's Blog...part of the giveaway asked us to write about motherhood.  I usually don't blog about giveaways when I enter them, but this is the second time Robin has asked us to write about her giveaway using a topic that I was very interested in (the other topic was for MLK Jr Day).

So, here it is!...the topic:  What Motherhood Means to Me!


This past August, I celebrated a decade of being a mother. 

Becoming a mother, even at the young age of 19, completed me in so many ways.  I was not 'prepared' to be a mom...heck, I wasn't even supposed to be able to get pregnant according to my current OB-GYN (without hormonal intervention...she has now delivered all 3 of my children), but I was determined to be a mom, the best one I could be.

At a very uncertain time of my life, my first child, Victoria, gave me certainty.  She taught me how to love, and be loved, in such a special way.  I didn't have that type of relationship with my mother, and I swore that I would do whatever it took to be 'that' mother for my child.  I wanted to guide her, love her, nurture her and protect her.  Most importantly, I just wanted to be there for her...in whatever way she needed me. 

She became the driving force behind me finishing my education, buying my first home, getting my first 'real' job and leaving a life of uncertainty behind.

I now have 3 children...I was asked in a meme yesterday what the BEST time of my life was...I said, the best time of my life is RIGHT NOW (yes, I put it in all caps not realizing I did so...but I think it does deserve all caps)!  Why?  Well, because I have all of my children now...I would never want to go back to a time when any of them weren't yet a part of my life.  I truly treasure each child and could never imagine my life without them.

They complete me in so many ways and reassure me of my ability to love and accept unconditionally. 

That, to me, is motherhood!


Oh, and Robin is also doing a giveaway for a flat iron and I want to win it for Victoria...so, I just thought I would mention her flat iron giveaway in this thread, too (hey, I am doing it for Vic)...

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!!!!

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