Monday, March 22, 2010

The Day Ahead...

Today will be a busy day, I have been working on a slideshow for my dear friend's vigil tonight at our church.  

In place of our regular meeting, our troop will be hosting this vigil for our girls and our community tonight.

I feel so blessed right now to be working on this slideshow.  Everyone has been sending me pictures and I feel so honored to get to be doing this project.  

Thank you so much for your kind words and support.  I know I haven't been responding to comments, but I haven't really had it in me.  I have been reading everything and I really do appreciate it.

Life is too short sometimes, so please, live each moment to the fullest.  Tell those that you love and care for and appreciate that you feel that way.  Don't let things go unsaid or undone.  I know my friend knew how much I loved her, for that I am so grateful for.

Just a few pictures I found yesterday...from my baby shower.  Beth and my sister, mostly Beth, arranged my last baby was a football (REDSKINS) theme...she did everything in Burgundy and Gold...her husband even made me a football field to put my gifts on (complete with an end zone and field goal pole)...she was the best friend I could ever ask for...I was so happy on this grateful...I will remember this time and all the other amazing times we shared.


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