Wednesday, March 10, 2010

LOSTapalooza - 3/10/10

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

I don't think you need an explanation about what this meme is about, do you?  If so, head over to Robin's Blog to get instructions, grab the questions and link up with us for our weekly LOSTapalooza!


Last night I got another fix of LOST...and it was such a GOOD fix!

Ok, so watching the rerun of last weeks episode, I am pretty sure at the bottom of the screen they said Dogan was worried about killing Sayid and that he would 'tip' his own scale from good to bad.  Which, to me, means Jacob's side is indeed good, right?  Unless, the comments shown at the bottom of the old episodes isn't LOST truth....I am thinking it is though.

Also, Richard is so Black Rock guy...I knew it all along!  Does this mean he was slave OR a slave runner?  I can't think he would have been chosen for 'the good' side unless he was a slave...I mean, slave runners don't exactly seem like good people, do they?

I <3 BEN!!!  I mean, don't laugh at me, but I was crying at parts of his scenes with choose a child, even if it is not your own blood, over yourself is such a selfless act.  I am almost crying thinking about it (yes, I am a Sensitive Sally)...It was so good to see him choose good at the end...I do <3 you, Ben!...although, I am not quite sure why they had you referencing Napoleon...perhaps comparing your short stature and need for power to him...I like you MUCH better than Napoleon.  I don't think you suffer from a Napoleon Complex!
Let me just say, is this not the 2nd week in a row without Sawyer?...or Jin?  WTF?  Hello!  I bet they are already on Hydra!  I guess we'll see next week.
I guess we really don't know which Kwon it is...Sun...Jin...or BOTH!  See, I think it is them both.  That way, there would be 7 candidates all together and would create a tilt of the scale depending on who went to which side.  Oh, and did ya'll see the comment on the bottom of last's weeks episode saying Kate WAS with Locke!!!!  Ughhhhhhh!!!!
Ok, enough of my babbling...which is all it really is...with all this information, I don't feel the need to speculate, on with the questions:
1. (Courtesy of Sam) - The lines have been drawn. Whose side are you on? Jacob or Fake Locke? Which way would you go?
Good question!  ;)  I am so on 'Team Jacob'...after seeing Ben's selfless change in heart and after seeing Sayid go nutso, I will stick with the side which seems obviously good.  I guess we now know why Dogan and friends wanted Sayid dead...they KNEW what he would do.  Plus, I think LOST people have confirmed which side is good...Bye Kate...I'm gonna miss you!

2. Do you think that the other "powers" we've seen have anything to do with the island?

I do, absolutely, however, they appear to work 'off island,' too...I so think the abilities are acquired 'on island.'

3. Who was Jacob talking about when he told Hurley that he needed to help someone get back to the island at the lighthouse?

Uhhhhh, I guess Whidmore!  I mean, or pehaps it was his intent to have Jack destroy the mirror so Whidmore couldn't find it...ok, I don't think Whidmore is good, do you?  Maybe it is because of how he treated Penny and Desmond, but he seems like a big piece of crap obsessed with power and the island.

4. Take a stand. Fake Locke- good side or bad side?

BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Final answer!  I hope I'm not wrong!  I would feel like such a dummy!


So, if you are feeling a need to futher your LOST fix from last night, head over to Robin's Blog to participate in LOSTapalooza!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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