Monday, February 1, 2010

Not Me Moday - Let it Snow (Part II)

So, if you have ever felt guilty for forgetting to get milk from the store despite an impending blizzard, and a 15 month old at home who just devours milk on sight, then head on over to MckMama's Blog to let it all out...and to ALSO feel a little better about yourself because...ALL of us have things we need to let out and let go of...Like, this huge pile of laundry sitting in front of me (that Joe washed...again...shhhh, don't tell anyone this is the 3rd time I have done this).

Ok, so here we go....

This is not my 2nd 'Let It Snow' version of Not Me Monday...WHY? Because it would never snow this much in central VA unless Global Cooling was making a comeback...

I did not initially title this post "Not Me Monday - Let it Snot (Part II) and almost post it with that title...I then did not think about leaving it that way because it sounded more interesting (is snot more interesting than snow)?

Well, if you haven't seen my post about what I want to be when I the kids grow up, see here, then you don't know that I didn't drive in 6-12 inches of snow, again, to get to town to buy milk...

...and I will not admit to actually intentionally forgetting milk, just so I had an excuse to drive in it! Nope, not me...surely I know a mom and a minivan have no business driving out in 6-12 inches of snow!

So, what wild and crazy adventures do you have to tell us about?

Oh, and if you like, you can leave me a comment in my new Disqus comment section (I DO admit to installing it all by myself...well, I will admit to doing it once I know it actually works...if it doesn't, then I DID NOT do it myself)...haha!

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