Wednesday, February 17, 2010

LOSTapalooza - 2/17/10

Ok, so here's the deal...Every Wednesday, us fellow LOST-ies all gather around over at Robin's Blog to ponder, analyze and interpret LOST...and I am pretty sure we eventually come to the conclusion that we really won't know anything for certain until it is all over.

So, to start this fun fest off, here my responses to this week's LOSTapalooza questions...

1. Do you believe in Destiny?

Yes, but I also believe one can change their destiny through free-will...I know, I love circular philosophy! It is never short and sweet though is it...ok, ok, so, yes, some things are meant to be...but some things you can's sort of like the Serenity just have to know the difference. ;)

2. Kate's story is very much laden with the theme of running from things. Have you ever been someone who ran from something?

Um, yeah, I ran away quite a few times as a child...once I ran away to NY and then was stealing gas at a Newark NJ gas station (yeah, ever seen NJ Drive...the movie)...well, needless to say, I don't run from much of anything anymore as an adult...really.

3. In the seasons there were "filler episodes". The episodes that didn't answer or ask any questions. The episodes that have a tendency to infuriate those who are wanting every episode to go somewhere. But, they sure are entertaining. What was your favorite "filler episode"?

Hmmmm....Hmmmmm.....Ok, well I love, all the episodes of Hurley's bad luck...I mean, his house catches on fire, the asteroid hits his restaurant...not to mention Cheech...But, after seeing Peggy Bundy again last night (yeah, I have to call her Peggy), I really also liked all John Locke's history with her and his father. I didn't think either of those were question/answer giving episodes. This is a hard one though...

Ok, off find Robin so we can chat on BlogFrog about last night's episode...head on over to Robin's place to grab the questions, play along and link up!

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