Wednesday, February 10, 2010

LOSTapalooza - Feb 10, 2010

Welcome to Lostapalooza!

Robin is hosting an awesome weekly LOSTapalooza meme over at her blog...head on over to Robin's Blog for instructions on how to play along...either have fun in her comment section or link up your blog post and join in all the LOST fun!

Here are this week's questions:

1. What was the biggest "wow" moment for you in all the seasons?

I think I was shocked when I started getting the idea that Christian was also Claire's Dad...also when Claire left Aaron...really, the entire Claire story line is very interesting to me and EACH time I see Claire, it seems to be something of shock values involved.

Also, I was really shocked, back when the numbers were a BIG mystery (not that they have been totally solved) that Hurley WON the lottery with this numbers! That was crazy (and very interesting to someone who LOVES numbers as much as I do...I know, I am such a NERD!).

2. Who was your favorite guest star?

Ok, Robin....I LOVE CHEECH MARTIN! You stole my answer! Haha, I mean, how could you NOT go with CHEECH? Now, if we could just get them to let Chong do a little guest appearance...they might find some MJ on the island for SURE! ;)

3. Which girl on the island would be your bestie?

If you don't already know, I am a Team-Kate kind of girl...yeah, I know, judge her all you want, but the PROGRESS she has made given her background is AMAZING! Me and you, girl, me and you!!!!!

4. What was your favorite vision or dream?

I loved when Charlie had visions of people dying...and himself! Those were cool...but I wish Charlie didn't die!

5. Since it all began with a terrible flying experience, what was your worst flight (or most interesting)?

I-DON'T-FLY!!!! EVER!!!!! The last time I flew was was when I was 17 going to my cousin's wedding in Las Vegas! We were on a smaller 2 engine plane (transferring from Dulles to BWI) and it was PACKED with people...we hit turbulence and that was it!!! Then, I started having dreams about planes crashing...all the time. I know what it feels like to be on a plane crashing and the impending death that awaits...NOT FUN!!!!!!!!

So, GO, GO NOW, to Robin's Place to play along.

Happy LOSTapalooza-ing!!!

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