Saturday, February 20, 2010

"It's Official"

I woke up with a keen sense this morning that there was something I had to do...and then I thought about what that was...well, I realized, It's giveaway ended last night...oops, well, at least those of you who entered have a GREAT chance of winning. I will announce the winner tomorrow before Getting To Know You!

Ok, so just a few points about life right now:

  • I spent 14 hours away from home at the office yesterday (yes, I left at 6am and returned home right before 9pm)! It was so nice to go into the office (you know, I hadn't been there in over 3 weeks due to the snow)...I really do love my days in the office... being around colleagues, away from laundry, and in a different setting! I did miss my babes though...
  • TODAY is World Thinking Day for Girl Scouts...Our troop chose Italy as our country and we are doing a fashion show...Victoria will get all dressed up and have her hair and make up done like a fashion model.
  • Eva Got her SECOND report card...She has mastered her alphabet and a few other things...She is definitely ONE SMART COOKIE (just like her mama...haha)
  • Jr is now just a talking and a walking and getting into EVERYTHING!!! He has figured out how to pull the chair out from under the table and climb up on said table...Do all BOYS do THIS???? My girls certainly didn't!
  • I hit another deer last night! Fortunately, I was paying attention and slammed on my brakes and only caught the 'tail end' (no pun intended) of said deer! For the record, this is my FOURTH deer accident since I have lived in the country!
  • I am going to select a winner for my giveaway! Stay just might be you!
  • I have some really neat new readers (for some reason, I don't like the word 'follower', but hey)....HELLO and WELCOME New Readers! Thanks!
  • I officially feel like a blogger today...Why, you ask? Well, I feel guilty for not posting yesterday, I have comments I need to respond to, and I wrote this post before had my cup of coffee for the morning (certainly, if I can do this without coffee, it must be official).

And now, off to get a cup of coffee...I REALLY need it!

Happy Saturday!

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