Saturday, February 13, 2010

It's Official - My First Giveaway!

....and Happy Valentine's Day!
That's right! It's here! I have been planning this giveaway for quite some time...actually, since right after I won Krystena's Ale8 Giveaway that I blogged about here...
First, the prizes (yes, there are two):
This hat and flower are called The Samantha (no, it wasn't named after me, *sigh*)! It is available for purchase here at Alexis's Etsy shop (Threads of Hope). I bought one for Eva for her 5th Birthday, which is coming up very soon...Eva looks amazing in natural colors...however, I wanted to give you all the opportunity to win one for yourself a special little girl in your life today...


This next hat was designed by Alexis just for me...I wanted to give away a 'non-girlie' hat...I decided it was going to be a football theme (well, because when I started planning this giveaway, it was right when NFL playoffs began and I LOVE football...[some have said I had a son JUST so he could play football]...)...and, of course, when deciding on the color, the very clear choice was Burgundy and Gold (Go 'Skins...Next Year, Right?)...and, if you dare to sport these colors on your son, or daughter, then you can win one TODAY! However, if you like the hat, but hate burgundy and gold like another team's colors better, you can also buy this hat, named The Payton, here, in your choice of colors, at Alexis's Etsy Shop (Threads of Hope).


Here's How to Enter:

You must leave a comment on THIS post with your favorite RIDDLE (click here for ideas)...along with the answer (Jess, you are pardoned, although I am curious to know who they are looking for...Note to self, pay more attention to small details)

You must also specify which prize you would like to enter to win (either The Samantha or The Payton)...

You can enter to win BOTH prizes!!!! If you want to enter to win BOTH prizes, you must leave two separate comments, with two different riddles, and still note which hat each entry is for.

*****The deadline for entry is Friday, February 19, 2010 at 11:59 pm (Eastern Time)...the winners will be selected (using Random # Generator) and announced before noon Sunday, February 21, 2010.

*****This giveaway is open to everyone, HOWEVER, the prizes can only be shipped to locations within the US.


I can't wait to read all the riddles!

Happy Riddling Everyone and Happy Valentine's Day!

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