Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Few Sincere THANK YOU'S!

Despite only having been in the blog world for a little under 4 months, I have 'met' some wonderful people...intelligent, humorous, unique writers who are wonderful to interact with.  Among all the wonderful people I have 'met,' I have a few bloggy friends of mine who have definitely shown me some love the last few days, way above and beyond the 'call of bloggy duty.'

So, I really want to take my time today to really thank them for being AMAZING bloggy friends and for being an inspiration to me in many ways and for showing me the love they have.

(**Insert - Music, Golden Girls theme song “Thank You For Being a Friend"**)

First, I want to thank Ian...for some reason, he has taken an interest in me and my blog (Why…I have no clue…I mean, I am an accountant and by far the most boring person I know)...he has also given me some useful advice and some really good laughs over the last few days. He has an awesome sense of humor and isn’t afraid to share his most in-depth thoughts with his readers (and the most in depth pictures…of himself... wearing fishnet stockings while...performing in the Rocky Horror Picture Show…I mean, you can’t get better than that, can you?).  He has also highlighted me on his blog (by stealing a meme from me that wasn't even mine...haha) and has asked me to do a guest post on his blog (MY FIRST GUEST POST...WOW!!!...I am sort of star struck over this) should be interesting (Here's a clue on what's to come of that guest post: Washington vs. Baltimore....Ian, I hope I am not violating any pre-guest-post-rules by doing this).

Next, I would like to thank Robin for being a fellow LOST-ie, hosting LOSTapalooza on her blog and being the instigating force behind many awesome LOSTie BlogFrog discussions. She also highlighted me and my blog today in her newsletter and I think that is just so nice of her. We are even in the discussion stages of possibly taking a family road trip to TX so Robin can show us around her neck of the woods (I do love the food in Texas....Mmmmmm).  Ok, back to Robin...she also does some really awesome giveaways on her blog!...and I have even won one of her giveaways myself! 

Finally, I want to thank Sam…yes, a fellow Sam in blog land…it is so nice to find someone you can relate to…and our similarities go beyond our name…she has faced many of the same situations in life as I have …and although she is still a youthful college girl, exploring life, she is wise beyond her years…she also spotlighted me on her blog and is also hosting an giveaway for 2 - $15 gift cards (one to Starbucks and one to Dunkin Donuts).

So, go check out these wonderful bloggers and show them some might even win yourself a giveaway in the process...or at the least, get a wonderful laugh (you know, at Ian's fishnet stockings...unless he took that post down...haha)!

THANKS guys!

P.S. it would only be fair to also recognize that EACH of the above mentioned people are also LOST craving maniacs in need of a local LOST support group, not just Robin

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