Monday, January 4, 2010

Pictures, Pictures and More Pictures

I am in picture heaven! I haven't posted a picture in so long, I began to forget I had an obligation to show my friends and family pictures of my children. So, back by popular demand are our most favorite pictures from the last...month. Yes, the first picture was taken on Thanksgiving day, as I was shoving food down my children's throats, trying to get to the hospital after finding out Dad had his heart attack...and ironically, the last picture is of Daddy in the hospital on Christmas Day!


This is Joe Jr during his first real-food Thanksgiving Dinner

And this is Eva, attacking her Thanksgiving Dinner

Victoria, trying not to smile too much
Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve Again (see Eva flipping her hair?)

Victoria Christmas Morning (tired anyone?)

I abbsolutely LOVE this picture of Eva Christmas Morning

I swear I didn't make them repose for this picture so I could get my camera (ok, maybe I did)

Love this picture, too (you can never have too many Joe's in one shot)

Isn't he soooooo cute?

Our First Trip Down the Slide (he didn't have much traction)

He likes It!

Remind you of anyone? Ahem.

Isn't She So Grown Up?

Me & Daddy Christmas Day

Say Cheese!

Sissy & Daddy Christmas Day!

Bunny Ears....Love you Daddy!

Hope you enjoyed them...I am so glad I got them online.


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