Friday, December 11, 2009

The Road To Recovery

So, yesterday proved to be another huge milestone for Dad and his wonderful team of doctor's and nurses. He was all put back together and was a 'good boy on the operating table,' as his surgeon put it. He also had another machine removed tonight (the 'balloon thingy' as my sister calls it) which helps maintain his BP...and...the nurses have began slowly decreasing his sedation meds; it may take a few days to get him awake as it is a slow process. I can only imagine how much pain he will be in, so as far as I am concerned, I am a bit nervous about him having to deal with it when he wakes up.

But, after almost 12 days if him being sedated, I am also bit anxious for him to wake I can 'calmly' tell him how much I love him, and how much his grand kids love him, and so we can show him all the cards he received (especially one in particular...sissy, we may have to wait to show him 'that' one, he may laugh just a little too hard), and so he can see all the pictures we put up, and I can't wait to 'gently' give him a hug.

I am so grateful right everyone who prayed, or called or emailed, for the Fairfax CV ICU unit, for God's decision to let us all continue sharing our lives with him, but I am also grateful for my father's will to fight to live through this all. It shows how much he loves life...and us all!

With open arms, I welcome The Road to Recovery, and no matter how long it may be, I am ever so grateful that my father is on it.


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