Tuesday, December 15, 2009

'Oh, right, I do have children!'?!?!?!?

Gosh, I feel so horrible...so, much of my life over the past few weeks has been spent focusing on, thinking of, praying for, and talking about my father. I just realized it has been almost two whole weeks since I so much as mentioned my children on 'Our Family Blog.' I will take this time, while I am thinking about it, to update you on a few highlights about the kids.

I will begin with Victoria...last week she was inducted into the SCA as her classroom representative. I was honored to watch as my oldest began her journey into being a Big-er Kid! I was certainly proud of her as she got her certificate and sat amongst the other 'chosen' students. She is certainly maturing into a wonderful young lady.

Evelina went to the Children's museum in Richmond with her PreK class...she has been getting Green Smiley faces every day and will get to do her very first year of Christmas shopping on her own at the Holiday Shop at her school. Not only is is fun for the children, but it is also fun to see what they pick out for everyone. I am sure I will get a good laugh out of it...(one year, Vic bought Joe a flashlight that said "#1 Grandpa" haha...I almost died laughing).

Joe Jr is now standing up, completely unassisted, on his own for a good period of time...he has already taken a few, and I mean a few, steps, so I think he may be getting ready for full mobility.

I will admit, NOT ONE of my children walked before they were 1!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT ONE!!!! But, at least I am not a parent over obsessed with my children achieving milestones ahead of the curve...

So, that is about it...other than we still haven't got a Christmas Tree...We will definitely get it this weekend...Plus, I like to leave it up at least a week after Christmas, so at least it will last! We (well, Joe) will go cut it down at the tree farm right down the road...we just pick it out and he cuts it down and they wrap it up! I will take pictures once we get it all up and decorated.

Hope you all have fun preparing for Christmas!


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