Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dad Update

Despite having Daddy in the hospital, I can honestly say it was a Wonderful Christmas for our family...there is truly so much to celebrate for our family along with Jesus's birthday. We still had snow on the ground, and still do in some places, we had time with family and friends, we had safe travel in the rain and we still have Dad.

After opening presents with my family, Trina and I went to see Dad. We took him gifts (Theme: 'Now and Later'...stuff he can use now in the hospital, and later when he is better) and I showed him pictures of the kids from Christmas morning...I had also video taped the kids sending him Christmas wishes, so I he could see them, but my camcorder died...right when I turned it on to show him...ughh. But, he was glad to at least see the pictures. We also watched A Christmas Story and he ate pears and pimento and cheese sandwiches for Christmas lunch.

I had a chance to speak to the doctor who was there yesterday, who was really nice and spent a good amount of time answering my questions. I got the results of the MRI...the results are both good and bad, but mostly good. The MRI did show some 'spotty' neurological damage which indicates he did have some sort of very mild stroke. Fortunately, the damage is limited to spots throughout the brain in areas where he has plenty of extra neurons which will pick up the, while his speech is a bit slow, the doctor has no doubt he can have a full recovery (well, mental recovery, he will still be somewhat limited physically from everything he has been through...just minimal, common sense stuff that anyone wouldn't do after these types of surgeries, nothing major)...So, we are truly optimistic that he will sing again and so is he! He will be on medicines...for the rest of his prevent future strokes as he will now be more likely to suffer one in the future.

We still don't have a realistic idea of when he may get out, but hopefully in the next few weeks...which is what has been thrown around.

Our family is enjoying a nice, week-long vacation work or school until Jan 4th.



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