Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Well, this is and will always be my very first 'Merry Christmas' Blog Post...I will tell you there were times today (well, yesterday) that I didn't think I would get to write this post (considering my computer crashed yesterday and I had to drive to DC to get a working computer...and to drop my poor 6-year-old-on-its-last-leg-probably-crashing-as-we-speak-destined-to-never-work-again-computer off at our IT company's office...also in DC.

I also began the day (yesterday, Christmas Eve), without a Christmas tree...see, the tree we bought, (yeah, the one from the Dollar General See here) was a huge let down...on the same day my computer quit working, our FAKE FIBER OPTIC TREE also quite the lights wouldn't turn on. So, I went over to see what was wrong. I grabbed a hold of the base and wouldn't you know it...the FAKE FIBER OPTIC TREE (that I paid $35 for from the Dollar General) FELL OVER!!! Yes, it just plopped right on over...ornaments, angel and all...down to the ground. I mean, I was devastated, probably more than the kids..who just looked on in shock (remember, they liked THE FAKE FIBER OPTIC TREE)...and thus, we were officially treeless on December 23rd.

So, the girls undecorated the tree, I put it back in the box, called Dollar General and accepted the fact that for the first time EVER, I didn't have a tree for my children 2 days before Christmas.

And with that, today I was on a mission (well, actually about 7 missions), but the two most important 1) Get a 'functioning' computer 2) Get a Christmas Tree.

By 11am, I had picked up the laptop, dropped off my computer and was leaving DC. I decided to drive down Rt1 from Triangle to look for trees...on Christmas Eve. And, I saw 1, just 1, tree stand and guess what, nobody was there. Now, as much as I hate to admit it, in just that one moment, I thought about going over there, taking a tree and leaving some money in the storage bin they had. But, I thought it out rationally and decided to move on to a better solution (after all, going to jail was not 1 of my 7 missions to accomplish for the day).

I called my Sister and my friend, Beth, who BOTH told me to call HOME DEPOT! And, let me tell you...were they right. I called Home Depot, and I asked the customer service person if they had any live trees left...'let me check,' she said....'Ok, ma'am, we have about 15 left and he is back there trying to GIVE them away.' PAUSE....Can you believe it??? So, I headed on over to Home Depot, I walked to the nursery, I looked at the trees, and I took my pick of the bunch.

I drove home all the way, about an hour, savoring the smell of that REAL, REAL, REAL Christmas Tree, as if I had never smelled one before. I was so grateful to Home Depot for making our Christmas a little more REAL! Thanks Home Depot! You really did a good thing today!

Happy Birthday Jesus!
Merry Christmas Everyone!


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