Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pictures of My Dad!

I just wanted to share some pictures of my Dad. I can hardly think of anything but him and it helps to focus on all of our wonderful memories instead of his current condition.

This is My Dad, My Sister, Vic and Eva at Eva's 1st Birthday Party!

This is My Dad Inspecting His First Cell Phone
(that I bought him for Christmas).

This is Me and My Dad on Christmas Day 2007!

I can't recall the exact event, but it was a cookout, and my Dad was here at my house
(I do know that much)!

This is My Dad at Eva's 4th Birthday Party!

(in March of this year...despite what the date on the picture says)

I Love His Expression!

This is my Dad and Vic at their First Father (Grandfather) Daughter Dance (50's style)!

He won a prize for best male costume by the way!

This is My Dad, Me and Vic at the Father Daughter Dance (It was a luau theme)!

And, if you look over to the left side of this page and up a little (in Vic's Bio), you can see the picture of Vic and Dad from the last Father Daughter Dance they attended (it was a Disco Theme)!

I will have more soon! You know I have tons more where these came from!


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Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers

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