Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Words...It's Your Choice

I felt compelled to write this post today. No, it is not about my children, rather it is about words.

I have been dealing with a new VP at work who, let's just say, is not favorable of work-at-home situations. Fortunately, she is not my supervisor, nor is she my boss's supervisor. However, some words she has written hit me very the point of tears. Since school started, my children have been sick on and off. It caused me to miss a Friday or two in the office. Now, if anyone knows me well enough, not being in the office doesn't prevent me from getting my work done, however, she felt the need to inform not only my boss, but the President of my absences. Based on my 7 years of dedication to my company, neither my boss nor the President were concerned, however, I was utterly devastated. I devote my entire being to my family and my job and was so hurt by the idea that someone, who hasn't even been at my company for 5 months, could possibly do something like that and accuse me of not being dependable. I never knew I could be so hurt by someone elses judgement.

Well, this morning, that VP sent ME an email telling me how much of a valuable colleague I am to her. And how she sees that I completely focus my work, not only on my accounting duties, but on the ENTIRE organization. I was so HAPPY!!!!!

So, I just want to say WORDS, no matter spoken or written, have a HUGE affect on the people you direct them towards. While negative words can cause hurt and pain, positive words can certainly make one feel BETTER!

So, if you have a choice, which you do, choose to speak positive words of encouragement. You will certainly make someone feel better, even if they weren't feeling bad to begin with. And, if someone directs negative comments towards you, take it lightly and be kind in return...because that same person may just realize the errs of their ways.


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