Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Are We Mean?

Yesterday, I had an encounter with a nice elderly couple. An elderly man was driving a large Lincoln Continental and was parking it in the all-too-small space next to me. Luckily, my parking wasn't the greatest, so I was far enough over the opposing line that he could fit. Anyhow, realizing that he was going to back out, and park again, I rolled my window down and motioned for him to park, that he was 'ok.' I proceeded to change my all-too-poopy baby, when the elderly woman, his wife, thanked ME for being so polite commenting, "It is so nice to meet such a nice young lady now a days." At first, I didn't think anything of it, and told her it wasn't anything.

Well, while changing the baby, the couple came back to their car to find HE LOCKED HIS KEYS in the car! So, it was raining, I was finished changing a poopy diaper and I told the lady, who was walking with a cane in the rain (I wasn't intentionally rhyming), to come in my van to sit. So, she did and her husband used my phone to call AAA. While he was on the phone, the woman began telling me how this was the 2ND time he had done this...haha.

Anyhow, after a few minutes of "answering a million questions," quoting him, of course, he was finished. He thanked me and asked me if he OWED ME ANYTHING FOR MY HELP!!!!!! I was shocked and as politely as I could, and in a very caring voice, I said, "You don't even owe me an apology, it was my pleasure." Him and his wife both claimed me to be an Angel in disguise and we both went along our way (I went directly to the trash can to throw out that HORRID DIAPER)...haha.

Well, the reason I am sharing this is because it shocked me that our Silver Threads think of us as not being polite, caring, compassionate, and perhaps self centered. I couldn't believe he thought he would "Owe Me" something. I just hope I made them see that SOME OF US are caring, compassionate, polite and willing to serve others when they need us the most (which, in my opinion, I really didn't do anything I wasn't supposed to do in that situation...I would hope that someone in my position would help my Nana, whom I love dearly, if she were locked out of her car, in the rain)!

So, go win one for the home team, and let's show our aging parents and grand parents we aren't the Generation of Self!


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