Monday, November 23, 2009

"Not Me" Monday

This week has been filled with the unexpected.

Last night, our hot water did not suddenly stop working right before bath time. I, subsequently, did not try to boil water to pour in the bath tub to give our babies a warm bath. Even if I had, I certainly wouldn't have filled the pot all the way to the top with water so that when I went to pick it up to take it into the bathroom, I spilled rapidly boiling water all over my hands causing 2nd degree burns. Who would have done something so stupid? Not me!

Also, I did not partake in trying to fix the problem of our hot water by shutting off a leaky valve on our bedroom bath tub that you could only access by moving our washer machine to get access to the valve stem. I most certainly did not find the most disgusting lint build-up under the said-washing machine. It certainly would not have been so bad that I would spend an hour cleaning it up. That's really GROSS (no pun intended).

Then, this morning, my son did not have such a massive poop on the way to the doctors that it went up his back and out of his diaper and on to his clothes. I did not accidentally get you know what on my hands and, and even if I would have, I would not have wiped it off with baby wipes and followed up with hand sanitizer instead of running to wash them! Had that happened, I would have certainly washed thoroughly and then followed up with sanitizer! Certainly!

What have you Not done this week?


Confessions From A Working Mom November 24, 2009 at 2:27 PM  

Your kids are so cute-- and I adore their names!

Poor you on that hot water! I hope your hands are feeling better. You should get a mom of the year award for going to such lengths to give them a warm bath!


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