Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Long Time Coming...

So, I know it's been like, FOREVER, since I wrote a post.  It isn't that I don't LOVE blogging, it is just that I haven't had much time to write anything.

Let's see...in the last month and a half we have done so much.

We started our Summer break!

We went to Pennsylvania to visit my Nana and her family.

We went to Savannah, GA.

We battled fleas in and around our house (we have won that battle, so far).

The girls went to Vacation Bible School.

I got COMPLETELY caught up on work...something I haven't been able to accomplish since my father's heart attacks last Thanksgiving, and got even harder to do after Beth passed away.

We planned a trip to take my father to Ohio to his class reunion, which will happen next Friday.  He still can't drive long distances, and he really wants to go, and I am so pleased that I get to do a little 'pay back' for all he has done for me and my family.  So, we are going on a good old family road trip..with grandpa.  We are going to ride a sightseeing train while we are there and get to see where my dad grew up.  I am very excited about taking this trip with him!

On a final note...it's Birthday season around these parts.  We had or will have, in order, a July Birthday (Joe), an August Birthday (Vic), a September birthday (Your's Truly) and an October Baby (Jr)....yup, and Eva, our March babe, is our only non monthly sequential birthday.  ...and yes, only a true nerd like me would even pay attention to that.

Well, it's good to be back...and I hope to be around more frequently.

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