Thursday, August 26, 2010

Envy and Guilt!!

A few weeks ago, Eva failed her vision screening (she was 20/30, 20/40 and 20/50) during her physical.

She finally got in to see vision doctor today (I think it was called an optometrist)....and well, she failed her eye exam.

So, she gets glasses...she is far sighted, but it is bad enough that she will still need to wear glasses all the time for now...maybe forever...and I am a little envious.

I must admit, I faked an eye exam when I was 11 because I wanted glasses so badly (I wanted to not only BE smart, but LOOK smart, too).  I was diagnosed as being far sighted, and I probably am a little bit, but man, I really pretended like I couldn't focus when I read.  I got a nice pair of glasses that I was supposed to wear when I read...I looked so smart...but, they were so strong that when I wore them, I had to really focus hard and I would get a seriously bad headache.  So, needless to say, I did a lot of homework in my room so that my father wouldn't ask why I wasn't wearing my glasses.

Fortunately, Eva is super happy about it...we ordered her a nice pink pair of glasses (which will be ready next week just in time for school) and bought her a princess case for them (which she brought home today).

At least my baby will see now..not that I had ever realized she couldn't see before.  I had no clue!  So, aside from being a little jealous that she gets to wear glasses, I also feel a little bad that I never realized she needed them.

Well, I guess I will get over it...both the envy and the guilt.  :)

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