Monday, August 9, 2010

Hair Cuts, Pink Skirts, Bras and....Barf!

Tomorrow my oldest daughter turns eleven!  Since she is going to Middle School in less than a month, I wanted to take her to get her hair cut and then styled for her birthday.  Since tomorrow will be a busy day, I decided to take her to get it done today.

I must say, it was well worth the $65 we paid ($80 including tip....$100 including the nice shampoo and conditioner I got her).  I love it...and so does she.  I think she felt like a princess.

While she was getting her hair done, the rest of us decided to shop. First, I got Eva this awesome pink skirt that she adores...then, I decided I needed to grab a few new bras for myself.  Well, after about five minutes in the bra section, Bub barfed...all over the place, all over the carpets, all over the bras, all over himself.  How long can GERD really last in a child anyways?

Let's just say, while we had planned on eating at Chili's, we opted for carryout instead.

But, Victoria does look beautiful!

What she doesn't know, is I also decided to get her a cell phone..*Shhhhh* don't tell her!!!!!!!!!!

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