Saturday, November 20, 2010

I just...don't get it.

Life, that is.

I don't get why some women can have children without even really trying, only to abandon them by not wanting to love, nurture or guide them through life.

I don't get how a mother, who loved her children with all her heart, could be tragically taken away from her family due to an awful accident.

I don't get how a woman, who desires to be a mother so badly, can't bear children on her own....despite trying with all her might.

I am not angry, or mad...I am just confused and hurt.

I would have given anything to have had a mother that wanted to love, nurture and guide me through life...I would have loved to have mother like Beth or SIF...I just don't get why things happen the way that they do...but, I pray that one day I will be at peace with it.

For now, I just don't get it...

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