Sunday, October 24, 2010

Random Ramblings...

Sometimes, life comes at you rather quickly...over the last two years, life has had some very unexpected twists and turns.  I had a son in the NICU, while I was admitted to a different hospital with post partum pre eclampsia....then, one of my VERY close family members had a surgery with a scare of cancer...after that, my father had a heart attack Thanksgiving morning of last year, followed by another heart attack, a half dozen surgeries and almost 2 weeks of life precious, dearly loved, cherished best friend, Beth passed did Joe's grandma, who raised him from a wee tell the truth, it just hasn't seemed to end...although, despite it all, I feel as if I have been so resilient the last two years, I have somehow remained so strong.

Just in the last few weeks, I had another life changer which has required adjusting to an even newer normal.  Let me preface this by saying that I completely understand most people have jobs that change every so often...but, for me, I have been with the same company since my Junior year in college (almost 8 years).  Until very recently, I have also had the same boss.  Well, that changed a few weeks ago...and with that, so did my work load and responsibility.  See, I don't want to go into too much detail, but, let's just say, one blog post a month is about all I can find time to do right now.   I am just...too...busy with work.

However, I am excited to announce my littlest babe, my boy, will turn two next week...yes, in one week, I will celebrate two wonderful years with my son...however, I will look back on two years of life coming at me unexpectedly and also celebrate my ability to stay strong during some very hard times...and, I will celebrate one year of blogging.

In one week, my boy will be TWO and my blog will be!  Where does the time go??

I promise, I will post at least one blog post next Friday...even if it is just one picture of my boy blowing out his candles...this was the first picture EVER posted on this blog...almost 1 year ago:

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